24/7 Attorney Answering Service 

150%+ ROI in 7 Days

In general, the monthly expense for a 24-hour attorney answering service, tailored to assist a bustling law office, ranges from $160 to $275. Don’t take our word for it, discover for yourself how some attorneys report a remarkable ROI of 150%+ within the first week.

How an Attorney Answering Service Delivers a 150% ROI (On Week 1)

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How Much Does an Attorney Answering Service Cost?

An attorney answering service will cost around $1.49 per call. The price per call is driven by the amount of data the law office requires to be captured. For example, a personal injury lawyer requiring a call center to collect the callers name, number, and purpose of call can cost as little as $1.29 per call, while taking calls and gathering confidential information and then scheduling an appointment on your calendar might cost as much as $2.80 per call.

ROI Explained – Answering Service Value Proposition

You a busy attorney. Perhaps you are with a client, on vacation, or home for evening with the family. Someone responds to one of those expensive ads and desperately needs to speak with you about their legal circumstances. They get your voicemail. Studies show 35% to 50% of the prospects will not leave a message, but rather they will call another attorney.

National Average Cost of Answering Service for Attorneys

Service Type Average Cost Low End $ High End $
Cost Per Call $1.49 $1.39 $2.30
Cost Per Minute $1.36 $1.34 $1.70
Cost Per Month $275 $160 $600
Minimum Monthly Base Rate $85 $75 $250
Set Up Fee $55 $0 $150
*Price ranges by overall call volume and average call length


According to Law Pay the average lawyer hourly rates around the country range from $211 to $424.

Imagine it’s Thursday at 9 PM. You’re enjoying your free time, and not worrying about missing potential opportunities.

A prospect calls. The live answering service answers the phone in your company name.

Script For Lawyer Answering Service

Your virtual receptionist is also trained schedule an appointment on your calendar.

calendar - schedule appointments

How much would that one new client be worth? What about five new clients? 20?

You can quickly see how easy it would be to get a 150%-300% return on your investment in the first seven days of using an attorney answering service.

7 Day ROI – Attorney Answering Service

  • $63: Typical Cost For One Week Answering Service
  • 31 Calls: Estimated # of calls covered for $63
  • 2 New Clients: Conservative estimate that only 2 calls (6.5%) convert to a client
  • $400 – Estimated revenue generated from two customers each receiving just one hour of your time at $200/hour.

$63 Investment / $400 Revenue

Increase your billable time: 88% of users report capturing more billable hours than the national average for attorneys, with a significant number recording twice as much or even more.

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Solutions For Attorneys Include:

  • 24 hour service
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Call Transfer Service
  • Call Recording
  • Live Time Messaging
  • Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Criminal Law

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Case Study # 1


Mark’s Dilemma: Balancing Advertising Spend and Client Acquisition

In the competitive world of legal services, Mark, a diligent and ambitious law office owner, found himself in a common predicament. Despite allocating a substantial budget to advertising, he struggled to achieve a satisfying return on investment (ROI). His ads were reaching people, but this wasn’t translating into the client numbers he had hoped for. The question at hand was not just about attracting potential clients, but more crucially, about effectively capturing those leads.


High Costs, Low Returns: The Advertising Conundrum

Mark’s primary challenge lay in the inefficient conversion of advertising responses into actual clients. Despite a significant investment in diverse advertising channels, the response rate was not meeting expectations. This issue was twofold: financial strain due to high advertising costs and missed opportunities in client acquisition. The realization dawned that it wasn’t just visibility Mark needed, but a reliable way to engage potential clients who responded to his ads.


A Strategic Shift by the Advice of ‘Find Answering Service’ 👏🏼👏🏼

The turning point came when Mark consulted with ‘Find Answering Service’. Their team identified a critical gap in his approach: the absence of human interaction in responding to client inquiries. They proposed a simple yet effective solution: forwarding calls to a live answering service during busy hours or after office closure. This strategy meant that potential clients would always be greeted by a human voice, significantly reducing the chances of them reaching out to competitors.


Reaping the Benefits: More Clients, No Extra Ad Spend

The impact of this strategic shift was immediate and profound. In just the first month, Mark noticed a remarkable increase in client acquisition, with 15 new clients brought on board. This growth was achieved without any additional spending on marketing. The live answering service not only captured more leads but also enhanced the client experience, setting a foundation for long-term business relationships. A definite win-win. 🎉


Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Mark’s story is a testament to the power of strategic thinking and the importance of understanding client behavior. By partnering with ‘Find Answering Service’, he was able to turn a challenging situation into a growth opportunity, all without increasing his marketing budget. This case study serves as an inspiring example for other businesses facing similar challenges, highlighting that sometimes, the most effective solutions are the simplest ones.


Attorney Answering Services: Advantages for Legal Professionals

Attorney answering services are specialized call handling services designed specifically for law firms and solo practitioners. These services provide numerous advantages to attorneys, helping them streamline their operations and improve client satisfaction. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits that attorney answering services offer. You can navigate through the article using the following bookmark hyperlinks:

Improved Client Satisfaction

Attorney answering services play a crucial role in enhancing client satisfaction. By providing prompt and professional responses to client inquiries, these services ensure that your clients feel valued and well-attended to. Additionally, answering services can handle after-hours calls, ensuring that your clients can reach you whenever they need assistance, thus improving overall client satisfaction.

Efficient Call Handling

Efficient call handling is essential for any law firm or legal professional. Attorney answering services are equipped to handle a high volume of calls, including appointment scheduling, call screening, message taking, and forwarding important calls to the appropriate parties. This allows attorneys to focus on their core legal tasks while ensuring that all calls are managed professionally and efficiently.

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Cost-effective Solution

Compared to hiring full-time receptionists or administrative staff, attorney answering services offer a more cost-effective solution. With flexible pricing plans, law firms and solo practitioners can choose the services they need and only pay for what they use. This helps in reducing overhead costs and allows attorneys to allocate resources more effectively.

Attorney answering services employ staff with knowledge and experience in the legal industry. This ensures that they can communicate effectively with clients and understand the specific needs of a law firm. By providing industry-specific support, these services help legal professionals maintain a professional image and offer high-quality client service.

Confidentiality and Security

Confidentiality is of utmost importance in the legal industry. Attorney answering services understand this and are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and confidentiality. By utilizing secure communication channels and following strict protocols, these services ensure that sensitive client information remains protected at all times.

Answering Service Solutions Branded

Attorney answering services offer numerous advantages for legal professionals, including improved client satisfaction, efficient call handling, cost-effectiveness, legal industry expertise, and confidentiality. By outsourcing call handling tasks to a specialized service, attorneys can focus on their core legal tasks and provide their clients with the best possible service.

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