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In general, the monthly expense for a 24-hour medical answering service, tailored to assist all of your needs, ranges from $1750 to $500. Don’t take our word for it, discover for yourself how some dentists report a remarkable ROI of 150%+ within the first week.

How a Medical Answering Service Delivers a 150% ROI (On Week 1)

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How Much Does a Medical Answering Service Cost?

A medical answering service will cost around $1.39 a minute or between $0.89 – $1.83 per call. The price per call is driven by the amount of data the doctors office requires to be captured. For example, collecting the patients name and phone number can cost as little as $0.75 per call, while setting an appointment via an online calendar might cost as much as $2.30. Learn More about Medical Answering Service Cost.

Type Service Offer Low End Cost High End Cost
Doctors 24 Hour Answering $140/month $295/month
Dentists 24 Hour Answering $139/month $310/month
Hospitals 24 Hour Answering $295/month $1,700/month
Chiropractors 24 Hour Answering $147/month $300/month
Medicaid 24 Hour Answering $200/month $400/month
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Case Study #1


  • Overview of the Medical Office
    • Springfield Family Medical Center: A key healthcare provider.
    • Services: Comprehensive healthcare offerings.
  • Identification of the Challenge
    • Problem: Overwhelming volume of inbound calls.
    • Consequence: Impact on patient service and business growth.

Challenge Faced by the Medical Office

  • Busy Office Environment
    • Situation: High patient traffic, limited administrative support.
  • Impact of Missed Calls
    • Issues: Communication gaps, loss of new patients.
  • Importance in Healthcare
    • Significance: First contact critical for establishing trust.

Solution Implementation

  • Introduction of Call Forwarding Solution
    • Implementation: Automated call forwarding after four unanswered rings.
    • Technical Details: Easy integration with existing phone systems.
  • Staff Training and Adjustments
    • Training: Staff briefed on new system operations.
    • Adaptation: Transition period for staff to adjust to the new system.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved Call Capture Rate
    • Increase: 26% more inbound calls captured.
    • New Patient Calls: 10% of increased calls from potential new patients.
  • Enhanced Customer Service
    • Patient Experience: Notable improvement in service for existing patients.
    • Accessibility: Higher level of responsiveness to incoming calls.
  • Financial Impact and ROI
    • Revenue Boost: Analysis of a 207% ROI within the first week.
    • Long-Term Benefits: Potential for sustained revenue growth.
  • Broader Implications
    • Patient Retention: Positive impact on patient loyalty and satisfaction.
    • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining of call management processes.


  • Summary of Key Outcomes
    • Recapitulation: Emphasis on the success of the call forwarding solution.
  • Importance of Technological Adaptation
    • Future Outlook: The role of technology in advancing healthcare.
    • Patient Care Enhancement: The correlation between technology and improved patient care.

This case study illustrates how Springfield Family Medical Center tackled a significant operational challenge with a straightforward technological solution. The implementation of an automated call forwarding system not only enhanced their capacity to manage inbound calls but also significantly improved patient service and contributed to notable financial gains.

The detailed examination of the challenge, solution, and resulting benefits offers valuable insights for healthcare professionals looking to optimize their operational efficiency and customer service. This case study serves as a testament to the positive impact of embracing technological solutions in the healthcare industry.

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What Does a Medical Answering Service Do?

Welcome to our world of seamless medical communication, where we help redefine patient satisfaction and enhance productivity in medical practices across the United States. With a compliant medical answering service that is designed to ensure that medical offices never miss a call it permits medical professionals to focus on what they do best – providing top-notch healthcare.

Busy Medical Office Answering Multiple Phone

About Us

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, handling phone calls can be a huge job for medical professionals. That’s where we come in. We specialize helping doctors find solutions for managing patient calls, scheduling appointments, and handling emergencies after-hours for medical practices. Our goal is to improve patient satisfaction by providing an efficient, friendly, and professional point of contact.

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Our call center partners offer a wide range of services aimed at improving the efficiency of medical practices, allowing medical professionals to concentrate on patient care. Services include:

  • 24/7 Live Answering: A team is available round the clock to manage phone calls, ensuring that your patients always have someone to talk to, no matter the time of day or night.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Helping medical offices streamline their scheduling process, reducing patient wait times and improving overall satisfaction.
  • After-Hours Emergency Response: Provide an essential line of communication for urgent care needs, making sure that patients can reach a medical professional during a medical emergency.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Message Delivery: With a compliant medical answering service, call centers strictly adhere to HIPAA guidelines, ensuring that all patient information is kept private and secure.

Why Work With Us

By bringing medical professionals in top rated answering service companies together our commitment to improving your patient satisfaction  sets us apart. We understand the unique communication needs of medical practices and have designed our services to meet those needs. Our partner have teams of highly trained professionals who are skilled in handling sensitive medical information with the utmost care, respect, and confidentiality.

We are proud to serve medical offices across the United States, contributing to the improvement of healthcare services by effectively managing phone calls. By taking over the responsibility of handling patient calls, you will free up valuable time for medical professionals, allowing you to dedicate more time to patient care.

Contact Us

Reach out to us today to discover how we can help your medical practice improve patient satisfaction and efficiency. Let’s work together to make healthcare more accessible and patient-friendly across the United States.

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Best 7 Medical Answering Service Companies in 2024

We found there are a lot of highly proficient answering service providers for the medical industry. The following is a list of 10 companies that we found to be among the best.


notify md logo

NotifyMD Medical Answering Service Solutions excels in the healthcare industry by:

  • Blending Technology with Patient Care: Their services fuse technology, convenience, and privacy, greatly improving medical service communication between healthcare providers and patients.
  • Expert Virtual Receptionists: NotifyMD’s call center features:
    • Skilled receptionists adept at handling medical communication tasks including appointment scheduling, managing patient queries, and follow-up services.
    • Their professionalism not only uplifts the patient experience but also lessens administrative load for healthcare professionals.
  • Unwavering Commitment to HIPAA: In a time where data breaches are common, NotifyMD:
    • Upholds strict adherence to HIPAA compliance, ensuring the security of patient information.
    • Utilizes advanced technology and rigorous protocols to guarantee all interactions are HIPAA-compliant.
  • 24/7 Real-time Response: The efficient, round-the-clock response by their virtual receptionists offers immediate aid to patients, elevating their satisfaction.

To sum up, NotifyMD exemplifies how technology can transform healthcare. With their top-notch, HIPAA-compliant call center and professional staff, they allow healthcare providers to prioritize patient care over administrative tasks. They are crucial for a patient-focused healthcare approach.

Best Answering Service Company




Ansafone’s Medical Answering Service Solutions stands out by:

  • Combining Human Expertise with Technology: As a premier medical call center, they provide an impeccable balance of personal touch and advanced technology, ensuring consistent, 24/7 support and responsiveness to every patient call.
  • Skilled Virtual Receptionists: Their professionals excel in:
    • Managing diverse tasks such as appointment scheduling and addressing patient concerns.
    • Upholding stringent HIPAA standards, ensuring utmost confidentiality in all interactions.
  • Unwavering Focus on Customer Satisfaction: Ansafone’s unique selling point is:
    • Their unwavering dedication to superior customer service.
    • An offering of a risk-free trial, highlighting their confidence in their high-quality services and their customer-first mentality.

To encapsulate, Ansafone delivers a robust, trustworthy, and effective communication solution for medical practices. With proficient virtual receptionists and the assurance of a no-obligation trial, they stand as an excellent choice for healthcare providers.

Best Answering Service Company


3-Message Direct:

Message Direct logo

Message Direct’s Medical Answering Service provides:

  • Proficient Virtual Receptionists: Their virtual receptionists:
    • Are well-versed in medical terminologies and procedures.
    • Offer professional call handling, freeing medical staff from this intensive task and ensuring effective communication.
  • Trustworthy Call Handling: As a dependable medical call center, Message Direct manages high call volumes while maintaining superior service quality.
  • Risk-free Trial: They extend a free trial for potential clients, allowing healthcare providers to discern the advantages of a dedicated medical call center without any initial investment.

In essence, incorporating Message Direct’s service enhances the patient experience and operational efficiency. It goes beyond just answering calls, becoming an integral component of a healthcare provider’s communication blueprint.

Best Answering Service Company



iHealthAnswers logo

iHealthAnswers Medical Answering Service offers:

  • Compliance & Confidentiality: Ensuring a compliant answering service that rigorously adheres to industry standards, iHealthAnswers prioritizes patient data’s safety and privacy.
  • Real-time Dispatch for Urgent Messages: The service operates instantaneously, delivering critical information to healthcare professionals promptly, fostering a more efficient workflow and improved patient outcomes.

In a nutshell, iHealthAnswers is not just an answering service; it’s a pivotal ally in today’s high-caliber healthcare, emphasizing swift communication and strict compliance.

Best Answering Service Company


5-Answering Service One:

Answering Service One logo

Answering Service One medical answering service distinguishes itself with:

  • Streamlined Call Routing: Catering especially to on-call physicians and solo practitioners, the service excels in efficiently managing call complexities, ensuring every patient’s call is addressed swiftly.
  • Commitment to Security & Confidentiality: They introduce a secure text feature which:
    • Upholds patient confidentiality and is in line with HIPAA guidelines.
    • Facilitates swift communication between healthcare providers, leading to enhanced patient care.
  • Intuitive Design for Solo Practitioners: With an easy-to-use interface, the service integrates smoothly into existing workflows. Their advanced call routing intelligently directs calls, reducing wait times and boosting patient satisfaction.

In essence, Answering Service One transcends being just a solution; it pioneers a transformative approach in healthcare communication, establishing a gold standard in the field.

Best Answering Service Company



Call4Health logo

Call4Health Medical Answering Service stands out with:

  • Professional & Empathetic Team: Addressing the sensitive nature of healthcare calls, their team ensures that each patient’s concern is addressed promptly and with compassion.
  • 24/7 Comprehensive Communication: Call4Health’s dedicated staff manage:
    • Everything from urgent patient messages to Medicaid transportation coordination.
    • Ensuring zero missed calls or communication mishaps.
  • HIPAA Compliance & Data Privacy: Their unwavering commitment to HIPAA standards ensures the utmost protection of patient information, addressing rising data privacy concerns in the health sector.
  • Real-time Responsiveness: By efficiently handling the administrative and communication facets, they allow healthcare providers to concentrate solely on patient care.

In short, in a landscape demanding swift and secure communication, Call4Health emerges as an indispensable ally for healthcare providers and patients.

Best Answering Service Company


7-Answering Service Care:

Answering Service Care Logo

Answering Service Care’s Medical Answering Service excels with:

  • Efficiency & Reliability: Offering a top-notch real-time response system, they ensure urgent messages are swiftly passed on to the right healthcare personnel, allowing professionals to focus on care without call-related concerns.
  • Commitment to Privacy: Their unwavering dedication to HIPAA compliance underscores the importance they place on maintaining the privacy and security of sensitive patient information.
  • Medicaid Transportation Services: Demonstrating their understanding of comprehensive healthcare needs, they provide crucial Medicaid transportation services, addressing a vital patient requirement.

In essence, Answering Service Care revolutionizes healthcare communication, fostering enhanced patient experience and operational efficiency. A must-have for healthcare establishments prioritizing prompt, secure, and streamlined communication.

Best Answering Service Company


The Basics of What Medical Answering Services are and How They Work

A medical answering service can be extremely helpful to those who work in the medical field, as it provides a way for them to receive calls and messages when they are unable to answer their phone. Medical answering services can also help to ensure that patients always have a way to get in touch with their doctor, even outside of normal office hours.

Helping Doctors Avoid Missing Calls

How medical answering services can help your practice

A medical answering service is a crucial component for most healthcare practices because it helps to ensure that patient calls are always answered, even when the doctor or office staff are unavailable. This type of service can also help to schedule appointments, take messages, and provide other important information to patients.

There are many benefits of using a medical answering service, including:

  1. Patient calls are always answered, even if the doctor is unavailable
  2. Appointments can be scheduled through the service
  3. Messages can be taken for the doctor
  4. Important information can be provided to patients

A medical answering service company can be extremely helpful for busy healthcare practices. It is important to choose a reputable and reliable service in order to ensure that your patients always have a way to get in touch with you.

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Medical Call Answering For Dentists

A medical answering service can be a valuable resource for dentists. When patients need to reach a dentist outside of normal office hours, the answering service can help to ensure that they are able to get through to the practice. In addition, the service can provide other important information to patients, such as appointment times and directions to the dental office.

The benefits of using a medical answering service for dentists include:

  • Patients always have a way to reach the dentist, even outside of normal business hours
  • Appointments can be scheduled through the service
  • Messages can be taken for the dentist
  • Important information can be provided to patients

A medical answering service is a great way for dentists to ensure that their patients always have a way to reach them. When choosing a medical answering service, it is important to select one that is reliable and has a good reputation.

Medical Call Answering For Doctors

As a doctor, you are always on the go. You see patients in your office, make rounds at the hospital, and attend to emergencies. You also have family and friends that you want to spend time with. The last thing you want to do is waste time on administrative tasks or playing phone tag with patients. That’s where a medical answering service comes in.

Answering service Solutions Branded

A medical answering service can take care of many of the administrative tasks that take up your time, like scheduling appointments, taking messages, and fielding calls from patients. This frees you up to focus on what you do best – seeing patients and saving lives.

A medical answering service can also help doctors to improve the quality of care that you provide to your patients. When calls are received by a live person, rather than an automated system, patients feel like their needs are being taken seriously and that they are important to you. This can go a long way in building trust and rapport with your patients.

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Medical Call Answering For Chiropractors

Chiropractors are well-known for their holistic and non-invasive approach to health and wellness, making their services in high demand. However, as anyone in private practice can attest, it’s not always easy to juggle everything that needs to be done on a daily basis in order to keep the business running smoothly. That’s where a medical answering service can help.

Business Answering Service

  • Medical answering services offer essential support for chiropractic practices, including taking messages, scheduling, and handling after-hours emergencies.
  • This allows chiropractors to concentrate on patient care, ensuring smooth business operations.
  • Despite hesitations, these services are managed by highly trained professionals skilled in handling all call types with utmost care.
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Medical Call Answering For Hospitals

A medical answering service helps hospitals by providing them with a higher level of customer service and by helping to reduce the amount of time that patients have to wait on hold.

Phone Answering Service Solutions

  • Medical answering services enhance customer service, ensuring patients always reach a helpful professional regardless of the time.
  • They reduce patient wait times, improving their overall experience.
  • Such services free up staff, allowing them to prioritize patient care and other essential tasks, resulting in a more efficient practice.
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Medical Answering Service Review Decision Process

In determining the best medical answering service, key considerations must be HIPAA compliance, real-time response capability, professionalism, and the handling of the sensitive nature of the calls. Furthermore, additional features such as Medicaid transportation services can distinguish one service from another. It’s about understanding the unique needs of health care providers and finding a service that not only meets but surpasses those expectations. The best service will seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, ensuring urgent messages are delivered promptly to the right staff member, thereby improving overall patient care and experience. The choice should reflect a commitment to excellence, patient confidentiality, and operational efficiency.

Medical Answering Service Features

1. Call Reception

  • Initial Greeting: Script for professionally greeting callers.
  • Caller Identification: Procedures for identifying if the caller is a new or existing patient.

2. Patient Information Collection

  • New Patients: Collection of basic details like name, contact information, and reason for call.
  • Existing Patients: Verification of existing patient records and personal details.

3. Appointment Scheduling

  • Booking Appointments: Process for scheduling new appointments, considering doctor availability and patient preference.
  • Appointment Modifications: Guidelines for rescheduling or canceling appointments.

4. Urgent and Emergency Calls

  • Identifying Urgencies: Criteria to determine urgent medical needs.
  • Immediate Assistance: Protocols for providing prompt advice or referrals for urgent cases.

5. Prescription Inquiries

  • Medication Questions: Handling queries about prescriptions, including refills and dosage instructions.

6. Billing and Insurance

  • Billing Queries: Standard responses for billing and payment inquiries.
  • Insurance Verification: Process for confirming insurance coverage and details.

7. Medical Records and Privacy

  • Record Keeping: Accurate and confidential handling of medical records.
  • Privacy Compliance: Adherence to healthcare privacy laws like HIPAA.

8. Staff Training and Development

  • Ongoing Training: Regular training programs for staff on medical protocols and customer service.
  • Performance Evaluation: Regular assessments to ensure quality service.

9. Technical Support

  • System Usage: Proficiency with call management systems, scheduling software, and EHR systems.
  • Hardware Requirements: Ensuring reliable telephone and computer systems.

10. Customer Service Excellence

  • Handling Sensitive Calls: Techniques for managing difficult or emotional calls with empathy and professionalism.
  • Escalation Procedures: Clear guidelines for escalating complex cases to medical staff or management.

11. Additional Services

  • General Information: Providing information about clinic hours, services offered, and location.
  • Language Assistance: Support for non-English speaking callers, if available.

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