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Find an affordable medical answering service in San Antonio, TX for as little as $39 a month. Compare top HIPAA compliant call centers delivering 24 hour live phone answering and appointment setting solutions.

  • 24 Hour Live Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bilingual Operators
  • After Hours Call Answering
  • Voicemail & IVR Service
  • Emergency Hotlines
  • Cheap Plans Starting as Low as $39/mo

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24 Hour Answering Service For Doctors in San Antonio

Live Medical Answering Service: A trained receptionist is available 24 hours a day, after hours, weekends, and holidays. While most of your medical calls arrive between 8am – 6pm, around-the-clock care is a normal expectation of quality patient care management. 

  • 24/7 Doctors Answering Service: Deliver world class patient support. From live agents to emergency call dispatching, your callers will always get the help they need.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Professional receptionists can remotely access your online calendar to schedule appointments, cancel or reschedule, and more. 
  • Patient Intake Service: A skilled operator can collect patient healthcare information, answer insurance questions, and assist will billing questions.

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Make it easier for your San Antonio, CA patients to schedule an appointment. Here’s how a medical answering service can do that work for you.

There are so many things that go into making your medical practice success. Great bedside manner, a willingness to take your time with patients, and great overall customer service at every point of contact. This includes contact made on the phone.

One of the best things you can do for your San Antonio area medical practice is to retain a medical answering service to help you give great customer service over the phone. Not sure why you should hire an answering service? Read on to learn about the benefits!

Compare Prices on Answering Service

A San Antonio Medical Answering Service Saves You Money

medical answering service companyThe average medical receptionist makes approximately $14.00 per hour. That receptionist needs to be available all day long to take phone calls and schedule appointments. In order to meet that need, you need to have more than one receptionist or you have to close the office for lunch and risk missing important patient calls.

An answering service, on the other hand, can serve as a full-time receptionist for your practice. Instead of charging you by the hour, an answering service charges you by the call and can cost as little as $0.60 per call. Thus, you don’t have to worry about paying someone when no calls are coming in.

In addition, you won’t need to hire another person to cover the phones while someone is on lunch and you won’t have to risk missing a call if there’s no one to cover or they’re helping patients. If you already have a receptionist and would like to keep them, you can use an answering service to handle overflow and after-hours calls.

Your Patients Can Always Get Through

The biggest perk of having an answering service in San Antonio is that your patients will always be able to get through when they call. For example, if your on-site receptionist is on the phone or steps away from the desk, the call will roll over and the service can serve the same function. In addition, the can take calls and schedule appointments all night long.

Further, the answering service can relay important messages to you such as prescription refill requests and emergency medical questions. In short, an answering service takes your customer service to the next level.

ANSWERING SERVICE ReceptionistLiver Operators are There in an Emergency

San Antonio is no stranger to natural disasters like floods and severe weather. These types of events can often shut down phone lines and make communication with patients impossible. Thankfully, off-site medical answering services can make sure that patients are still able to get through, even during inclement weather.

A Medical Answering Service Streamlines Your Office Locations

Do you have multiple office locations? That’s not unusual for successful medical practices in San Antonio, but it can make communication between offices difficult. One solution to this communication issue is to hire a medical answering service to create cohesion between offices.

You would publish one mainline and the answering service would take the calls and make appointments or transfer the call to the proper office. Your patients wouldn’t have to worry about making sure they were calling the proper office and you’d have peace of mind that your patients are happy.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

Hiring a medical answering service has so many benefits for your San Antonio medical practice. Patients will always be able to reach your office, and you can save money on extra staff. What’s not to love?

Ready to get on board with an answering service? We can help you get started. Contact us today for your free quote!

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