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Find an affordable medical answering service in New York, NY for as little as $39 a month. Compare top HIPAA compliant call centers delivering 24 hour live phone answering and appointment setting solutions.

  • 24 Hour Live Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bilingual Operators
  • After Hours Call Answering
  • Voicemail & IVR Service
  • Emergency Hotlines
  • Cheap Plans Starting as Low as $39/mo

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24 Hour Answering Service For Doctors in New York

Live Medical Answering Service: A trained receptionist is available 24 hours a day, after hours, weekends, and holidays. While most of your medical calls arrive between 8am – 6pm, around-the-clock care is a normal expectation of quality patient care management. 

  • 24/7 Doctors Answering Service: Deliver world class patient support. From live agents to emergency call dispatching, your callers will always get the help they need.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Professional receptionists can remotely access your online calendar to schedule appointments, cancel or reschedule, and more. 
  • Patient Intake Service: A skilled operator can collect patient healthcare information, answer insurance questions, and assist will billing questions.

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New York, NY is a bustling city with lots of potential patients flooding the streets. Here’s why you need a medical answering service for your clinic.

Patients don’t have a lot of patience these days. A study by Vanguard Communication found that 96 percent of patient complaints were focused not on medical care or doctors, but on poor customer service, including lack of communication and long waits.

Phone service is an important aspect of patient care, and you may have trouble handling the call volume in your busy New York, NY medical practice. If that’s the case, outsourcing to a medical answering service may be the right choice for you.

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How Can a NYC Medical Answering Service Help?

medical answering service companyA medical answering service can relieve the burden of handling patient calls from your staff. They can help in a number of ways.

Service offerings:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • On-call service & 24-hour availability
  • After-hours services
  • Nurse triage services
  • Doctor-to-doctor consultations
  • Patient pre-registration & follow up
  • First responder messaging

From administrative tasks to handling an emergency health issue, medical answering services can be there for your practice.

Let’s look at 5 more reasons to choose a medical answering service.

1. Reduce costs

If you have to employ someone (or multiple people) to answer the phones, the cost can add up. Your busy staff may end up shirking other duties because they’re tied up on the phone.

A medical answering service in New York City can help you reduce costs by outsourcing patient calls. If you operate multiple offices in the city, you can route all calls through one source rather than employ people at each location.

Phone Answering Service2. 24-Hour Support of Trained Healthcare Professionals

Emergencies happen at any time of day or night. If your patients have urgent medical questions, they can get live answers from trained healthcare professionals.

Operators are able to evaluate the situation in real-time and advise them to go to an urgent care center, emergency room or transfer the call to a physician-on-call, if necessary.

3. Better Customer Service

Anything you can do to streamline and make the patient healthcare experience more efficient is welcome. Medical answering services take calls live so patients don’t have to wait to speak to anyone.

You provide a script, which the operator uses to gather necessary patient information. They can then send the information directly to your system by means of specialized software.

4. Ensure HIPAA and OEV Compliance

Compliance with federal regulations is an important issue for medical practices in every state. Most laws are put in place to safeguard patient privacy.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) created new guidelines for protected health information (PHI). Violating HIPAA rules is a serious offense that can lead to fines and legal action. You can even be held accountable if a call service you hire violates the rules.

To protect your interests, always choose a HIPAA-compliant medical answering service so you can ensure sensitive patient data is secure.

Another area of concern relates to Medicare outbound education and verification (OEV). There are strict regulations regarding these types of calls, and a medical answering service can help ensure you remain compliant with applicable laws.

5. Better Record Keeping

Accurate medical records protect patients and your practice. A medical answering service records every call so you know the exact situation. The calls are also time-stamped so you know when it came in.

This provides verifiable evidence if it’s ever needed.

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There are a lot of medical answering services out there. Choosing the right one for your practice in New York, NY can be a challenge. helps you compare call center companies by industry and location.

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