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Find an affordable medical answering service in Phoenix, AZ for as little as $39 a month. Compare top HIPAA compliant call centers delivering 24 hour live phone answering and appointment setting solutions.

  • 24 Hour Live Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bilingual Operators
  • After Hours Call Answering
  • Voicemail & IVR Service
  • Emergency Hotlines
  • Cheap Plans Starting as Low as $39/mo

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24 Hour Answering Service For Doctors in Phoenix

Live Medical Answering Service: A trained receptionist is available 24 hours a day, after hours, weekends, and holidays. While most of your medical calls arrive between 8am – 6pm, around-the-clock care is a normal expectation of quality patient care management. 

  • 24/7 Doctors Answering Service: Deliver world class patient support. From live agents to emergency call dispatching, your callers will always get the help they need.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Professional receptionists can remotely access your online calendar to schedule appointments, cancel or reschedule, and more. 
  • Patient Intake Service: A skilled operator can collect patient healthcare information, answer insurance questions, and assist will billing questions.

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The desert heat can get to your patients, so why not make scheduling an appointment easier on them by investing in a medical answering service?

Are you considering whether to invest in an answering service for your medical office in Phoenix, AZ?

Answering services can be an effective way for you to serve the needs of your patients after hours. This can be an important part of what makes a patient choose your office over another in your area.

But besides being a way for you to differentiate your office from the competition, what are some other ways that an answering service will help you?

Here’s how a medical answering service can take your practice to the next level!

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Increase Availability

Phone Answering ServiceThe reality is that you and your staff can’t be physically present in your office 24 hours a day.

You and your staff work hard to serve your patients during your office hours, but what happens when someone needs to reach you after business hours?

Medical answering service employees are trained to handle the needs of your clients in an efficient manner. They will also know when a patient’s situation warrants escalation of their issue up the chain of command.

By ensuring that your patients speak to someone even after you have closed your office, this helps give them peace of mind about your practice.

Timely Resolution of Issues

When a patient has a question about their medical condition, they need a timely response.

Sometimes, your patients may have a medical need that arises outside of your normal operating hours. If you don’t have an answering service, you put your patients in a precarious position.

They will be faced with deciding whether to leave a message and wait for your response the next day, or choosing to go elsewhere for their medical care to get an answer faster.

When an answering service representative is on the other end of the line, they can take important notes from your patients and pass them along to you and your staff for resolution!

ANSWERING SERVICE ReceptionistDevelop Consistency

Employing an answering service will give your office the chance to develop a consistent approach to patient service in Phoenix, AZ.

The answering service will treat each call with the importance and care it deserves. This can be particularly important for your office when it comes to the customer service aspect of running a practice.

You must ensure your patients receive the medical treatment they need. But also a memorable experience as customers of your office as well.

Find Your Phoenix Medical Answering Service

A 24-hour medical answering service can make a difference for your office in Phoenix, AZ.

That’s because your patients will be able to speak to a live person at any time, day or night. But it’ important that you find the answering service that fits your unique needs.

At the Answering Service Directory, we are your source for finding the best answering service for your Phoenix, AZ office! Our directory includes answering service listings for numerous industries, including the medical field.

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