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Find an affordable medical answering service in Syracuse, NY for as little as $39 a month. Compare top HIPAA compliant call centers delivering 24 hour live phone answering and appointment setting solutions.

  • 24 Hour Live Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bilingual Operators
  • After Hours Call Answering
  • Voicemail & IVR Service
  • Emergency Hotlines
  • Cheap Plans Starting as Low as $39/mo

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24 Hour Answering Service For Doctors in Syracuse

Live Medical Answering Service: A trained receptionist is available 24 hours a day, after hours, weekends, and holidays. While most of your medical calls arrive between 8am – 6pm, around-the-clock care is a normal expectation of quality patient care management. 

  • 24/7 Doctors Answering Service: Deliver world class patient support. From live agents to emergency call dispatching, your callers will always get the help they need.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Professional receptionists can remotely access your online calendar to schedule appointments, cancel or reschedule, and more. 
  • Patient Intake Service: A skilled operator can collect patient healthcare information, answer insurance questions, and assist will billing questions.

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Having a medical answering service in place for doctors can offer more benefits than you could imagine. Here’s why Syracuse, NY doctors need to invest in it.

We now live in a world where just about anything is accessible, all the time.

Consumers demand to have rides hailed from our smartphones, now we have it.

We have food delivery available to us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and now we have it in the form of all-day grocers, all-day restaurants, and all-day fast food spots.

Is it any surprise that we now demand the same when it comes to our health?

Learn about why getting your own medical answering service can prove to be beneficial for not only your practice but also for you and the way your practice is perceived.

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Syracuse Medical Answering Service: What Is It?

Put simply, a medical answering service is the people who pick up the phone outside the business hours of your practice.

They are the ones who will give your patients the peace of mind knowing that their doctor can be reached 24 hours a day.

Outside of this, there are tons of benefits to getting a quality medical answering service. Let’s explore a few of their benefits.

answering service operatorCustomer Service Consistency

When it comes to the way your customers are treated, you cannot afford to take any chances. The people who answer your phones are the first people your patients will come into contact with in your practice, setting the tone for the rest of the interaction.

A quality after-hours answering service for doctors or emergency care centers will typically have rigorous training and standards set for their workers. This, in turn, guarantees your patients will have consistent and efficient interaction with your gatekeepers.

Cost Efficiency

Answering services are far and away cheaper than the cost of a full-time receptionist. Yes, you could simply choose to not offer after-hours service at all, but unfortunately, this will hurt your practice greatly.

Patients demand accessibility when it comes to their physicians, and there is no greater form of accessibility than 24-hour call service.

So, if you need someone to answer the phones after hours, it just makes sense to have it be a Syracuse medical answering service, which will cost you far less in the long run.

Lightening The Workload

Answering service agentThis is one of those perks that many physicians don’t stop to think about. Having a medical answering service isn’t just for nighttime. It can also prove to be supremely beneficial to your practice during the day!

If you delegate the menial tasks and simple phone calls to the medical answering service, your in-office receptionists will be able to better work on things that matter more.

It is the ability to give your staff more time to be productive that promotes healthy growth for your practice.

No Hold Times

One of the biggest aggravations on planet Earth is waiting on hold for something as serious as medical needs.

When you get a medical answering service, your patients will be at ease knowing someone is instantly there for them, thereby increasing patient satisfaction and promoting the growth of your business.

Get Your Own Medical Answering Service in Syracuse

Whether you are in need of an after-hours medical answering service, one for weekends, or if you have a specialty practice, we have a comprehensive list of medical answering services tailored to your needs.

Give a medical answering service a try to start seeing your practice get bigger and better. Compare prices from call centers in your area today.

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