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Top 8 Benefits of Live Answering Service Solutions

Ensure your business makes an excellent first impression by utilizing a professional live answering service. These are the many benefits of outsourcing your inbound phone calls to a live answering service.

Customer service can make or break your business, with 80 percent of consumers stating they’d take their business to a competitor after more than one bad experience.

But what exactly does good customer service entail? A key aspect is how you communicate with your clients. And given that 60 percent of clients prefer to call businesses on the phone, hiring a live answering service makes excellent sense for any small business.

In today’s post, we outline eight clear ways live phone answering services help businesses meet their goals.

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1. Your Company Gets To Exude Professionalism

When you’re trying to build a brand, the last thing you want is to have employees who answer incoming calls in a misinformed or rude manner. The best live answering service helps you maintain total control of how calls are answered.

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With a live answering service, you can record all outgoing messages to reflect the professional standards you require. Of course, you could hire an in-house team to answer your business calls, but what happens when someone on the team is having a terrible day? It means you won’t have total control over their proficiency.

One of the benefits of a live answering service is that it provides consistency every time. Such consistency helps build credibility, which is priceless in today’s highly competitive business space.

2. You Get To Save on Cost

One of the reasons business owners hesitate to hire live answering services is because they think it’s an expensive move. The truth is live answering services are generally lower than the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist. Instead of worrying about paying tens of thousands of dollars in salary, in addition to benefits, bonuses, and taxes, you only pay for the services you need.

Be sure to inquire what billing model the service provider uses and choose one that works best for you.

3. You Can Manage Your Remote Teams Better

In recent years, remote working has become more common than ever before. One of the reasons for this is that remote working tends to have much lower employee costs.

But with remote working comes the challenge of effective communication. If you have remote workers in Europe but are based in the US, it can be difficult to gauge which phone system will work for every member of your team.

A live answering service can help you overcome this challenge. That’s because every team member can call a single company number and reach you with no difficulty, no matter their location.

4. Reduce Waiting Times

Consumers hate to be on hold for long periods. 60 percent state that being on hold for a minute is too long.

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Most callers grow frustrated if they have to wait to talk to their intended recipients. A live answering machine solves this problem by ensuring that callers are instantly directed to the department or person they wish to communicate with.

The best live answering services afford you such features as automated answering services. This way, clients can leave a message to be called back instead of having to stay on hold.

5. A  Live Answering Service Is Always Active

You cannot expect an in-house receptionist to stay at their desk 24/7. That means you’ll need to hire a backup system to take over during times when your in-house receptionist is absent. That means spending more money.

A live answering service is available round the clock. They can also continue offering service during power outages, weather catastrophes, and emergency pandemics. Simply put, your company stays open for business at all times.

6. Additional Equipment Isn’t Necessary

Running an in-house communication department requires investing in the right communication infrastructure. As a small business working on a tight budget, assembling all the necessary communication equipment can be a challenge.

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about buying any equipment when you find a live answering service. All you need are your business phone lines.  The live answering service will already provide all the latest, cutting-edge communication infrastructure.

7. You Get Industry-Specific Call Answering Services

Different industries have different call answering needs. Based on your specific call answering system, you can opt for a telephonic support service for every one of your customers to suit their needs.

For instance, if you run a health center, you can choose a simple system that informs patients how to reach you. The system could also simplify how patients schedule appointments, as well as provide patients with essential after-hours health information.

8. Keep a List of All Calls

Every call that comes in from clients, employees, and partners is important in some way. That’s why it may be necessary to record these calls, as well as voicemail. In doing so, you get to monitor your business call traffic and analyze it.

A live call answering system helps you identify the number of incoming calls that are then diverted to your sales department. You also get to see which questions are most frequently asked by your clients. A call answering service also helps you create instructional voice recordings, besides accessing voice transcriptions and recordings.

A Live Answering Service Can Take Your Business To the Next Level

How you communicate with your clients can impact your image. It’s the reason more businesses are currently choosing to hire live answering services. This is especially the case for small businesses looking to maintain a professional image while also saving time and money.

Are you interested in reliable call answering services in your area? Please, contact us today and get a quote.

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