HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

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24-hour HIPAA complaint medical call answering

HIPAA Answer Solutions For Healthcare:

  • Caller ID on Every Call: Making sure you get all available contact information.
  • After Hours: Sunday, 2 am, you name it, agents are ready 24/7 to take your calls after hours.
  • Call Recording: All calls are recorded (unless state law prohibits).
  • Voicemail Services: Your clients or prospects can leave a voice message, or use an IVR to be transferred to a live agent.
  • 800 Service: Toll-free numbers available at no extra charge.
  • English / Spanish: Bilingual agents available at no extra charge.
  • Nationwide Call Center: From California to Houston, to New York, get connected with call centers in your area.
  • Cheap Pricing: Answering services can be very affordable. Ask an agent how you can cut your billable time down while never giving up quality.

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HIPAA Compliance Medical Answering Service – 4 Ways It Protects Your Practice

HIPAA Compliant medical answering service protects your business – and your clients’ privacy as well – in several ways: Secure emailing systems – emails are always subject to various risks and potential attacks, whether sent offsite to offsite employees or inside the company itself.

The recipient of such an email is more susceptible to identity theft than the sender. This means that if your information gets compromised, your email may be hacked into and your emails sent out to your customers as spam, rather than as helpful responses. This is one of the major threats that can affect HIPAA compliant email services. A medical answering service that complies with HIPAA will therefore ensure that all emails sent from the company’s database are encrypted in order to secure the privacy of the recipient.

24 Hour Customer Support

Security – the amount of security is another area where a medical answering service that complies with HIPAA standards can offer. HIPAA compliant systems should have a high level of security to ensure that personal and confidential data is not compromised and that no patient information is passed along to third parties. For example, security should include encryption to block hackers from gaining access to any patient files on the server. In addition, any sensitive or private data stored on the server will also be encrypted to protect patient privacy. It will also be protected against firewalls, intrusion detection, and prevention systems.

HIPAA compliance medical answering service should also have a security guard monitoring your business to ensure that security measures are being taken and should have a full staff of security specialists ready to deal with any security problems that may come up.

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Customer Satisfaction – a reliable medical answering service that complies with HIPAA standards ensures that clients know their privacy is protected. With a good system, your customers can speak to you easily and privately. There is no need for a live person on the other end of the line to explain privacy laws or tell clients about the risks that exist when using a specific type of software or device. This helps to ensure that clients feel comfortable communicating with you and that their concerns and questions are treated professionally. This can also improve your client satisfaction score. This is important for many reasons, but the first and most important is that a higher satisfaction score can mean more money coming your way in terms of bonuses and referrals. and even more money in terms of business expansion.

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