Is A 24-Hour Answering Service Important? 8 Reasons Why You Need One

Even in age of cell phones and email, a 24 hour answering service is still largely needed. Find out how your business can benefit from 24-hour vigilance.

24 Hour Answering Service

Accenture reports a whopping $1.6 trillion in profit is lost to businesses due to poor customer service. Is your company among that statistic?

How you treat your customer is everything in today’s market. It’s why so many businesses invest time, money, and research into finding ways to build better relationships with their customers.

One way is through hiring a 24-hour answering service. How does this help, exactly? Read on as we cover everything you need to know about the numerous benefits of this service.

What is an Answering Service, Exactly?

An answering service is a separate service that companies outsource to handle customer questions, comments, and concerns outside of business hours. It can come in the form of an automatic answering service or live customer support, depending on the service you choose.

Nearly every business can benefit from a 24-hour answering service, but the companies and industries that thrive best on them seem to be small businesses, medical practices, dentists, contractors, and attorneys-just to name a few.

Better Customer Service8 Reasons to Have a 24-Hour Answering Service

Answering services create a bridge between company and client, nurturing a relationship that comes with several benefits.

It Increases the Quality of Your Customer Service

As of 2017, 64% of consumers contacted customer support for a product or service within the last month. It goes to show that today’s consumers aren’t afraid to pick up the phone or reach out when they need something.

However, customers experience frustration when they need help, but can’t get it efficiently. Imagine how you felt the last time you had a problem, but you couldn’t find a customer support number or received an automated voice on the other end of the line.

With a 24-hour answering service, you are able to be there for your customers when they need you most.

It Guarantees a Quick Response to Customer Needs

How quickly you answer can make or break a customer relationship, yet you have to clock out at some point. An answering service that is available around the clock ensures a quick response without you having to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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A Personable Answering Service Protects Your Brand

Answering services leave an impression on your customers that you genuinely care about addressing their needs where “leave a message at the beep” doesn’t. Whether you use an automatic or live answering service, it will give callers the feeling their message is going to be heard and processed rather than getting lost on a generic answering machine.

24x7 Answering ServiceA 24-Hour Service Increases Customer Retention

The McKinsey Organization notes that 70% of customers make their decisions regarding a company based on how that company treats them.

A live answering service gives your business helps you screen calls that can be answered easily while giving your customers extended customer support. This “above and beyond” effort to be there for your customers during and after business hours leads to higher customer satisfaction.

It’s enough to convince many customers to stick with your product or service year after year rather than being lured away by a competitor.

The Reliability Creates Customer Loyalty and Connection

When you take care of your customers, it earns their loyalty. They stick by you because you stick by them when they need it. A 24-hour answering service reinforces this kind of reliability and connection. It provides a response when your customers need it, even if that response is, “We hear you, your concerns matter, and we’re going to work diligently to get you the results you want.”

Answering Services Increase Sales Opportunities

Customer service can often lead to upgrades in services. This includes new purchases, especially when the resolution lies in a new package or product.

When you hire a live answering service, opportunities won’t get left on the table. The individuals learn your brand, including its products or services and how to offer them when an opportunity arises.

It Offers a Positive Way to Resolve Customer Disputes

You never want to leave a customer stewing over a problem with your product or service. An answering service gives them an avenue to air their complaints and set up a plan for resolution.

Even if the answering service isn’t equipped to provide the solution immediately, hearing the customer out and setting up a plan of action provides peace of mind. It also shows the customer that you care about their satisfaction.

It Creates a Buzz Amidst Your Customers for Greater Exposure

Customers like to talk about great experiences. When your business goes the extra mile to make sure their satisfied, they’ll tell people about it. It may be through word of mouth, online reviews, or other avenues.

Yet as that word spreads, it becomes free advertising and exposure. Every customer interaction is a testimony in the making.

Is an Answering Service Right for Your Business?

These benefits come from choosing the right answering service. If you choose a company capable of representing your brand, it can pay for itself in new sales and repeat customers.

However, the wrong answering service can do the opposite. If you hire someone who isn’t capable of understanding your business, following protocols, or delivering exceptional customer service to your callers, you can actually lose business.

This is why it pays to choose your service wisely.

Find an Answering Service That Suits Your Needs

The right 24-hour answering service for your business matches its service with your industry’s needs. Simplify your search by browsing your options by industry. It will help you find an answering service who is qualified to represent your brand well and meet your customer service expectations.

This includes anything from understanding the unique terminology of your business to ensuring HIPAA compliance, and more. Begin your search today and find the perfect solution that will take your business to the next level.

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