6 Things You Really Need to Know About Live Answering Service Pricing

Answering Service PricingIf you’re looking around for answering service pricing, keep reading. Here are 6 things you need to know about how a live answering service saves you money.

What if we told you we know how your company can save at least $30,000 a year. All with a simple phone call?

Many business owners brush off the idea of using an outside answering service. They think that answering service pricing is too high to make it affordable.

This is absolutely wrong. To be a responsible business owner, you need to think about all of the areas where you will save to offset the cost. This starts with the yearly cost of having a receptionist.

Before you look at service pricing, think about these 7 ways you will save by hiring an answering service.

1. Reduce Your Training Costs

It can cost you thousands of dollars in training for new employees. Then every time you hire a new employee you will have to do training all over again.

It will cost you for the training, plus that new employee’s lower productivity as they get up to speed and learn the system. You also have lost productivity costs for the employee that has to do the training.

By having an answering service, you no longer need to spend time training your employees on the process. Your answering service will handle all the training of their people answering the phone for you.

2. Reduce Customer Service Department Costs

By outsourcing a majority of the customer service tasks you free up the time of your in-house employees. This means you can reduce the size of the entire department.

Basic customer needs like scheduling and answering questions gets handled by the answering service. This lets your in-house team work on the more complicated problems that may arise.

With more attention dedicated to big problems, they will get handled in a timely manner. You are now providing improved service with reduced department costs.

3. No More Missing Out on Potential Customers

Sometimes it isn’t about saving money, but about increasing profits. Increased profits will make your expenses seem less by comparison. If potential customers call while your business is closed, you may miss out on that potential sale.

An answering service can run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. This means that someone is there to answer questions, make appointments, and provide general assistance.

This kind of service is also great for current customers. You want to provide the best service to your current customers to keep them satisfied.

If your customers need you, and can’t get ahold of you, they’ll look elsewhere. your customers will appreciate being able to get assistance right away.

4. Beat Your Competition

To continue on number 3, if you are using an answering service, and your competition is not, then you have the edge. Potential customers are often not willing to wait for what they want.

If they call one business and find it closed, they will move on to the next. If your competition isn’t using an answering service, those potential customers are moving on.

You do use a service, so your business will be ready to assist when they call. Congratulations, you’ve now gained a customer that was originally going to your competition.

5. Reduce Overtime and Holiday Pay

If you try to have the same phone coverage in-house as the answering service you will have to pay overtime and holiday pay. These costs will add up quickly becoming quite expensive.

Your employees will appreciate having more normalized schedules. You also won’t have to worry about finding coverage for the holidays like Christmas that no one ever wants to work.

6. Improved Productivity

Every time the phone rings your employee has to stop what they are doing to answer the phone. This can happen multiple times a day.

Every time, your employee has to stop what they are working on it is mentally jarring. Once they are done with the phone call, it can take up to 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back into the full swing of productivity again.

Now, imagine that happening multiple times a day, to multiple employees. Your lost productivity costs will dramatically reduce by alleviating your employees of phone answering duties.

7. Reduce Equipment Costs

When you outsource your answering services you can reduce your technology and equipment costs. You won’t need an extensive phone network and plan.

You also won’t need phones that can handle a large volume of calls and lines. You won’t need to pay for a system to log and maintain phone records and messages.

Ask your answering service about integrating into your current systems. This could mean messages automatically go into your CRM. Or maybe you’d prefer

Answering Service Pricing

Don’t be one of those business owners who think answering service pricing is too expensive. Once you after in the savings you’ll experience you will realize that the cost is reasonable if not cheap.

By hiring an outside answering service you no longer have to train your employees. You can also reduce your workforce as the workload is now reduced.

Your employees will also have increased productivity as they won’t have to stop and start their projects. Overtime and holiday hours are a thing of the past for you and your employees.

Along with this, you now have a leg up on the competition as your business is there 24/7 for current and potential customers. This doesn’t necessarily save you money, but it does increase your profits.

Finally, your equipment and technology costs will see a reduction. You will no longer have to maintain an extensive system to handle the call volume and flow.

Get a quote for answering services to start saving your company money today.

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