How to Get More HVAC Clients Next Week Without Ads, Marketing, SEO, or Any Extra Effort On Your Part

After working with 20,000+ HVAC service-based business owners over the last 10 years, I’ve seen 3 common issues they have…

1️⃣ Struggling to fill the books

2️⃣ Spending too much on ads that don’t work

3️⃣ Working endless hours

You probably think I am selling ads or some kind of marketing. I AM NOT!

You may think this is expensive. It is NOT. In fact, hang with me and I’ll show you how to get a 150%+ ROI on week one.

If you’re like many HVAC company leaders I’ve spoken with, you might be feeling the weight of stress and exhaustion. You’re working tirelessly, sacrificing weekends and family time, and still not seeing the growth you desire. I understand this struggle intimately – it was my reality too.

My partner and I were in the exact same situation, tirelessly working to expand our agency but feeling stuck. We missed irreplaceable moments with our loved ones. Then, everything changed when we discovered a key strategy for client acquisition. This breakthrough transformed our approach, turning what seemed like a complex puzzle into a clear path to success.

This realization led us to develop our innovative “Lead to Close” marketing engine. AGAIN, this was NOT by doing more marketing or buying more HVAC leads. Hang with me. We’re almost there.

Our goal was to demystify client acquisition, moving away from complex, costly, and often ineffective strategies peddled by marketing “gurus.” Instead, we leveraged our existing marketing to extract a ton of new leads without buying more ads. How much effort was this on our part? ZERO. Nada. Zilch.

The best part? Our system delivers results (and huge profits) quickly.

Okay, you’ve been patient. How did we do this and what’s the proof that it will work for your HVAC company just as well as the thousands of other HVAC companies we helped?

We brought on a 24/7 answering service to capture tons of missed calls (missed opportunities). The results

👉 A HVAC client in Los Angeles booked 106 new appointments in just 7 days.

👉 A Virginia based client saw a whopping 320% ROI on month 1

👉 Phil added an extra 125k in HVAC repair revenue in just 3 weeks

The beauty of this system is its simplicity.


Here’s the deal.

You are spending a lot of money to get new HVAC leads.

A prospect calls…..

For various reasons, they get your voicemail….

Sure some leave a message, but MANY do NOT.

Independent studies show 35% to 50% of the prospects will not leave a message, but rather they will call another HVAC company. They need help NOW, and they are not waiting around for you to call them back.

And here’s the great thing. You only pay a small fee to the answering service when they catch your call that you would have missed otherwise. Also, there is zero effort on your part. Simply forward your lines, and wait for the appointments to roll in. Yep, the answering service can even book the appointment for you.

Because becoming a successful HVAC company isn’t about advertising in a bazillion different platforms. It’s not about spending more money on HVAC leads.

It’s about honing in on just ONE thing that drives the most results. And that’s connecting with the people who are trying to connect with you, only to be disappointing when they get your voicemail.

THAT’S what an answering service does. It capitalizes on your existing marketing and increases your lead rate literally on day one. There’s no guessing or waiting around to see if it works. You will know immediately and wonder how you went even one week in business without a service.

And if you’re ready to dial in on your ONE thing – and start bringing in more HVAC jobs with no added effort, and then immediate return on your investment…

Then, CLICK HERE to answer a few questions and book a quick call with one of our trusted partners.

Get a behind the scenes tour and see how everything works, and by the end of the call, you’ll have 100% certainty on whether this is the right tool for you or not.

Either way, the call is absolutely free – so there’s nothing to lose.


Hope to chat soon.

Mike Carter, VP of Marketing

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