Why Use a Business Answering Service?

Around the clock professional live answering services of all types and sizes can greatly benefit from a 24-hour answering service for business. Constant presence not only builds trust amongst existing customers, who appreciate being able to contact a live person at any hour of the day, it increases sales potential as well.

Business Answering Service

Business owners should consider their customers when choosing an answering service. Those who call often will likely already have a good idea about the type of call answering service they want. If your business is small and people rarely need to contact you, a traditional answering machine may be an appropriate option for your needs.


However, many big businesses are now experiencing a growth spurt and need to communicate their importance to prospective clients or business partners. It is becoming common for companies to hire a full-time receptionist to handle multiple calls during the day. This is becoming more common even for large chain stores, with over two thousand people working in a single store. The benefits of having a dedicated receptionist are that the callers feel appreciated by the company, and it is easy for them to speak with a real person rather than having to type a number into a computer.

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In addition to this, the customer gets an actual face with which to interact with. The customer does not have to type anything into a computer as it is done for them by the receptionist. Instead, they have the ability to speak with someone who looks like a real person, and the message is received immediately. Since there are no other people on the other line, the message is answered quickly, and the caller is treated as if they are a valued customer.


Another benefit of customer service with a 24-hour phone answering service is that the customer does not have to worry about their phone messages being returned. With a traditional answering system, the customer has to wait until the next business day to talk to a live person, and that can cause problems with their schedule and productivity.

24 Hour Customer Support

One company offers 24-hour service to all their clients, regardless of size, and allows customers to choose a specific time for their messages to be returned. This makes life easier for both the customer and company because the customer does not have to worry about being able to return a message at the last minute or a wrong number.


Many business owners are concerned about their employees spending too much time on the telephone in front of the computer screens. and looking at nothing but numbers. This is not a problem with a 24-hour service, as you will find the caller to be a live person rather than just a machine.

The best thing about a 24×7 service is that your employees are busy doing their job, so they are not distracted by chatting with other customers. The caller is also able to speak to an actual human being instead of having to type information into a computer. As long as the caller is on the same line as the business owner, there is little chance of the business owner forgetting the caller’s name.


One of the reasons business owners prefer this type of service over a traditional answering service is that it is quick. The business owner does not have to worry about waiting hours for a call to go through. Instead, it can happen in seconds, since most of the business owners are very professional, caring, and caring individuals.

Also, it is helpful to see that the business owner actually has a direct voice mail with a number for the caller to reach if they have any questions. This can help the caller get the help they need when they have any concerns that cannot wait until another day. It is a comforting feeling to know that a business owner is always around to listen to their customers and to answer questions.


A 24 hour answering service is great for anyone that has an answering service for their business, and if they are looking to save some time and extra money, it can be a good idea to look into one. However, if the business is small and its staff is not very large, the costs can be quite high.

This is one reason some businesses decide to just use an answering service. However, if you have a large business and you plan on using a service often, this might be a good option for your business.

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