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Speak with Authority! How to Write a Powerfully Persuasive Speech

Do you need to write a speech that can convince people to see your point of view? If so, here’s a guide on how to write a persuasive speech.

You want to deliver power behind the words you write. There are many methods you can use when you want to learn how to write a persuasive speech. Some of these methods include learning what good direction means.

Drop the Mic SpeechesOther persuasive methods are learning how commitment is best used in a speech. You need to practice the speech over and over again until it feels natural. If you’ve ever used an answering service or left a message with one you’ll notice the operators use positivity in their conversations.

These operators are sometimes using a script, but being empathetic, funny or understanding comes from the operator being a good public speaker. The informational guide below will share with you information on how you can write a persuasive speech.

The information will also share how you can persuade people to your viewpoint all by using the power of speech.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech

Good SpeechWriting a persuasive speech starts with having a goal that will resonate with your audience. It doesn’t matter if your audience is many people or just one person. No matter what you’re writing about, you want it to solve a problem, spark an idea or help someone with their product or service.

There are many answering services where no matter what industry you’re in or price you pay, the service you get is haphazard. That’s when businesses aren’t using their persuasive skill sets to help solve your issues. They don’t start their audience or customers with empathetic stories or humorous anecdotes.

They’ve spent no time building a bridge of communication to you.

Pull Your Audience Into Your Speech

When writing a persuasive speech, it’s important to pull the people you are speaking to into your story, problem or solution. Sometimes people who write persuasive speeches call this empathy. People go to great links to listen to people they feel empathizes with their issues, concerns, or life in general.

best man speech

A business that uses empathy and understanding as a tool in persuasive speech is an answering service. A good answering service uses empathy as the foundation when writing persuasive speeches. A good answering service knows they can use empathy when they want to drive the mission of their business towards growth and development.

How to Start A Persuasive Speech

Have you ever heard of FESP? Using FESP in persuasive speech means you are connecting to your audience financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. FESP is also used to train employees on how you can market a product or service effectively.

acceptance speechThe Financial, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Tools of Persuasive Speech

FESP means you are drawing your targeted audience through your persuasive speech with the following tools.

  1. You are convincingly persuasive in your speech to your audience because you use how your customers have spent too much on their current service. In other words, your persuasive pitch is all about how your audience can save money, earn money, or have more money. Your customers accomplish this by using the product or service you are talking about.
  2. You are convincingly persuasive in your speech to your audience because you connect to them emotionally. You let them know you know how they feel, or you’ve experienced what they’ve gone through. Emotional connection is one of the strongest foundations of a persuasive speech.
  3. You are convincingly persuasive in your speech to your audience because you connect to them spiritually. It’s not the same form of spirituality you are thinking about. It is the spiritual connection that convinces your audience there is a wholistic value in your words, your product, or your service.
  4. You are convincingly persuasive in your speech to your audience because you connect to them physically. You persuade your audience the stress of dealing with managing all they have to manage is too much. You let them know you have a better way to manage responsibilities through your product or service.

Your persuasive speech is all about your value proposition. It is the value proposition you offer to them, and you make sure they feel like you are offering it only to them.

Empathy Needs to be Supported by Facts and Analytical Information

There’s nothing worse than telling an audience you have answers for them. And also, persuading your audience through the power of your words and empathy. You persuade them to join you on your mission or goal, and then you tell them you have no facts to support your position or mission.

In today’s digital world, one of the most powerful tools you can use is the truth. It’s always persuasive to have evidence of your solutions no matter what your mission or goal is. You will always have audiences where some members are fact-finders and analytical.

Some of the people in your audience may have emotional issues, but no matter where your customer or audience is coming from, make sure you have hard data to strengthen your persuasive speech.

Use Your Voice

Wedding SpeechUsing your tone of voice in giving a persuasive speech can be the difference between success and failure. So how do you use tone in writing a persuasive speech? It means you write like you talk when you’re just yourself.

You need to write your tone as if you’re talking to a friend or loved one. You can write a persuasive sentence and have ten people say the sentence out loud. Only a couple will be able to convey the depth of emotion integrated with the firmness of the facts.

Only a couple people will be able to say the sentence in a way that resonates with their audience or customer.

The Beginning and End Have an Emotional Hook

The beginning and end of any persuasive speech have an emotional hook.  You now know how to write a persuasive speech and what’s more you know you need to capture your audience at the beginning of the speech. If you don’t capture your audience or customer at the beginning, you might as well be speaking to the wall.

Emotional SpeechesYou also need to keep the audience with you when the speech ends. If you walk away without hooking them, you may have lost them as a customer, client, or participant. Reach out to us a professional when you want to know how your persuasive hook can attract your new audiences or customers.

Let us know when you want your persuasive call center that will give others a chance to know about the potential of your product, service, or mission. Finding one of the best answering service company in the nation can be the foundation you use to grow and expand. But you have to take the first step yourself.

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