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There are some surprising benefits to using phone answering services. Learn exactly why your towing company needs to make the switch.

Running a towing service is a lifestyle.

People need their cars towed all hours of the day and night and you’ll be the one helping them out.

Live Answering Service

To optimize the hustle of your towing business, you’ll need technological services that can keep up. Adding phone answering services can ensure you never miss out on a client again.

Get ahead of your competitors by having an answering service field calls from current and potential clients.

Integrating a phone answering service can increase your revenue in no time. Here are several benefits that your business will have after partnering up with one.

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Control the Conversation – Outsource Dispatching

Outsourcing and hiring in-house personnel to answer incoming calls certainly have their place for some businesses.

However, a towing business needs to be ready for any conversation, at any point in the day or night. More importantly, it needs to have a consistent message per call.

Outsourced Towing Dispatch Services

While person-to-person interaction can be beneficial, there are also some negatives that come with it. What if the person answering your client’s call is having a rough night on the phones?

Your brand will be tarnished from someone that isn’t even in your payroll.

Meanwhile, setting up a phone answering service can help you control the conversation. You’ve been doing this a long time, and you know just about every possible question the client will ask.

Use that to your advantage and set up an automatic answering service that has a solution for any dilemma your customer is having.

You can also set up the messages to make sure the tone and wording line up perfectly with how you personally connect with clients.

24 Hour Customer SupportNever Miss Out on New Towing Business

If your towing business is still growing, you may find yourself short-staffed in an effort to keep a low overhead.

Because of that, every business day will have an “all hands on deck” mindset.

Everyone will be out towing and providing service to meet the demand and maximize revenue—but what about the calls you’re missing while you’re out and about?

The towing industry is dependent on referrals and first-time customers, so you’ll want to leave a good first impression.

Having an answering service will show your potential customers a few important things.

First, it will show that you’re busy assisting current clients (which speaks to the quality of your brand).

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Secondly, the answering service shows your dedication to customer service. Even when you’re not available, you’re making sure their needs are being attended to.

More importantly, even a customer doesn’t leave a voicemail or message, you’ll have a warm list of numbers to call back.

You’ll find yourself getting business from leads that would’ve otherwise gone with a different towing service.

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Good ReputationIncrease the Legitimacy of Your Towing Companies Brand

Small businesses, regardless of their industry, are constantly looking for ways to give off the impression of being a big and successful brand.

One of the best ways to do that is by setting up a phone answering service. It’s a common association that companies with an answering service are more established.

They’ll immediately opt for your service over the competition due to the responsiveness of your company’s operations. Consistent communication is what builds customer loyalty.

Even with only a few employees to your name, having an answering machine list the different departments will give off the impression of having a bigger team.

Focus on What Matters

Hire an answering serviceWhile customer service is crucial to your success, your top priority will always be providing the best towing service that you can.

That can be hard to do if you’re tied up to your phone every waking minute of the day.

Having a phone answering service for your company allows you some time to set the phone down and focus on each customer from start to finish.

Once you’ve delivered on your quality towing services, you can go back to your answering service and reply to any other clients that left messages.

Even if you’re not out on the road providing service, you still have to tend to other aspects of your business to attend to. Things like invoices, budgeting, safety training, and getting customer feedback can stack up quickly.

Give yourself windows of time to focus on each of them without skipping a beat on customer service.

24/7 Towing Service for Your Clients

24x7 Answering Service

Things happen on the roads every single day of the week.

Even if your towing business is closed for the day, the calls will come pouring in.

If you’re not setting yourself up with a way to correctly respond to those calls outside of office hours, you’ll be missing out on a huge chunk of revenue.

Today, customers are used to being serviced almost instantaneously. Having a phone answering service on your side will help you keep up with that expectation.

Once you receive a request for service, you can reach out to your team and find out who can get to that customer the fastest.

Phone Answering Service SolutionsSelect a Phone Answering Service to Add to Your Team

Envision your future phone answering service as adding another hyper-responsive employee to your staff.

It won’t request off for any sick days and can always be customized to fit your communication style.

Be sure to read this article on things to look for in a phone answering service for a helpful checklist as you search for the right fit.

For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we can fill you in on the best services for your needs.

Get Answering Service and Call Center Quotes

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