Why Should a Small Business Use an Answering Service?

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A record 95% of customers say that good customer service with a business is essential for creating customer loyalty and repeat business. Customer service does not only apply to those who are in your store physically but also to those who call you with questions.

So, how do you split yourself between the customers on the phone and the customers in your store? An answering service can help. Answering services allow for streamlined small business interactions across their customer base.


Wondering how an answering service can assist you? In this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of using an answering service for your small business.

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An Answering Service Provides Added Customer Service

Small businesses must build up their reputation and establish a customer base to thrive. They must provide excellent customer service to their clients.

You’ve worked hard to start up your small business and establish your name within the community. But you can’t always be available to answer the phones while tending to the customers in your store. An answering service can be there when you’re busy managing other aspects of your business.

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When a customer calls your phone number, their call is routed to a call center where trained representatives act on your behalf. These representatives can take messages, offer more information about a service or product, and answer customer questions.

When customers feel like their needs are being addressed, they will be more likely to consider your business for future needs. This can create a base of loyal customers who will bring consistent and repeat business to you.

An Answering Service is Available 24/7

Your business may have limited hours of operation during the day, but customer inquiries can happen at any time. If a customer can contact your business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through the answering service, they’ll think more highly of your business.

A real live human operator is there to field these calls quickly and effectively. Customers may have questions about pricing, special orders, or anything else related to the company. Answers can be provided immediately by the answering service.

This service is also helpful for routing calls during lunch hours or especially during busy peak hours in your store. You take care of the customers in your store and the answering service will do the rest. Even during off-hours and holidays, your business answering service is open to potential customers.

For offices that provide services, an answering service can also assist with scheduling and booking appointments.

An Answering Service Can Help Take Orders

For the service industry, an answering service can be a dedicated line for taking customer orders. Customers are directed to the answering service. The trained call center receptionist can assist the customer in placing their order.

This saves the headache of calling the restaurant directly where they could be left on hold during busy hours. The answering service provides a call line that is free from background noise. There’s no worrying that it may interfere with the quality of the call.

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The answering service has access to the menu and can answer any questions regarding the order. This ensures there are no errors in the order and that everything is accounted for. There are also detailed records of these messages kept in a secure system.

An Answering Service Gives Your Business a Professional Appeal

An answering service will help set your business apart from your competitors. Customers will see you as more professional and will trust your business in handling their needs.

You’ll come across as a business that cares enough about its customers to implement an answering service to meet their requests. You are showing yourself as a business that makes your customers a top priority.

Customers who feel valued and heard will not only come back again, but they will tell their friends and family to use your business as well.

An Answering Service Adds a Personal Touch to Your Business

Customers want that personal touch. Small businesses drive their sales through an added level of attention to detail and personal service. The option of having an answering service is even more appealing given that 69% of customers prefer to speak with a live agent on the phone.

Answering services are fully customizable for your business. The call center representatives can adapt their scripts and prompts in a way that best suits your business. This includes personalized greetings, product descriptions, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The answering service works as an extension of your business. You can be certain that calls will be answered in a personal and professional way every time.

An Answering Service is Affordable

An answering service costs less than a dedicated in-house secretary for call answering. If you have to spend money to make money, then an answering machine is well worth the cost. What you make up for in increased sales and improved customer service alone will easily pay for its service.

Your other employees will be able to focus more on their work as well since they will not be distracted by fielding numerous calls a day. This increases overall productivity.

No matter how good you are at multitasking, one customer service call blunder could cost you dearly. But an answering service will put your small business customer service call needs in capable and reliable hands.

Find Answering Service Solutions for Your Small Business

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