Pay As You Go Answering Service

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24-hour Pay As You Go Answering Service for small businesses

Pay as you Go Call Answer Solutions:

  • Caller ID on Every Call: Making sure you get all available contact information.
  • After Hours: Sunday, 2 am, you name it, agents are ready 24/7 to take your calls after hours.
  • Call Recording: All calls are recorded (unless state law prohibits).
  • Voicemail Services: Your clients or prospects can leave a voice message, or use an IVR to be transferred to a live agent.
  • 800 Service: Toll-free numbers available at no extra charge.
  • English / Spanish: Bilingual agents available at no extra charge.
  • Nationwide Call Center: From California to Houston, to New York, get connected with call centers in your area.
  • Cheap Pricing: Answering services can be very affordable. Ask an agent how you can cut your billable time down while never giving up quality.

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How Can a Pay As You Go Answering Service Helps Me Cut My Costs?

Affordable pay as you go answering service for small businesses. For those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on an answering service, a pay as you go answering service is one of the best ways to cut costs.

A “pay as you go” answering service allows you to either pay a flat rate per call or a flat monthly rate with a predetermined amount of calls.

24 Hour Customer Support

Instead of paying every time a call is answered, you simply pay for the agreed to calls/minutes that they have available for you, which can be as much or as little as you like. Some of these answering services can provide you with thousands of features at your fingertips, all at no extra cost to you. Most companies charge a monthly fee for the number of numbers that they have on their system but there are still some that offer it for free, and it’s important to compare different companies before choosing a service.

The advantage to a pay as you go answering service is that is you have more control over the cost, which means that there are no extra fees associated with having to outsource your calls. Most of these companies also don’t have to keep much on the equipment side, so the overhead associated with running and maintaining this type of system is considerably less than other kinds of services.

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The main disadvantage of this type of service is that you won’t get as much of a discount as some who is buying larger packages and have larger volumes of calls being answered.

Paying as you go answering services are not the only way to get rid of higher bills, but it is the most convenient, and you can easily find a company that will work for your needs. Before you choose one, make sure that you ask the company questions, and take some time to compare different companies before you choose one for your use.

Compare Prices on Answering Service

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