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24-hour Virtual Assistant Answering Service for Small Businesses.

Virtual Assistant Solutions:

  • Caller ID on Every Call: Making sure you get all available contact information.
  • After Hours: Sunday, 2 am, you name it, agents are ready 24/7 to take your calls after hours.
  • Call Recording: All calls are recorded (unless state law prohibits).
  • Voicemail Services: Your clients or prospects can leave a voice message, or use an IVR to be transferred to a live agent.
  • 800 Service: Toll-free numbers available at no extra charge.
  • English / Spanish: Bilingual agents available at no extra charge.
  • Nationwide Call Center: From California to Houston, to New York, get connected with call centers in your area.
  • Cheap Pricing: Answering services can be very affordable. Ask an agent how you can cut your billable time down while never giving up quality.

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Benefits Of A Virtual Assistant Answering Service

Affordable virtual assistant answering service for property management. The main advantage of the virtual assistant answering service is that you will be able to save a lot of time and money on hiring out these services for your needs. A virutal assistant answers your calls from a remote location, takes messsages or dispatches calls as needed.

Phone Answering Service Solutions

Cut Costs, Improve Customer Service & Productivity 

It will not cost you as much as having a full-time staff in your office. You will also get to save on some taxes and fees from the government because you will not have to hire employees that will be subject to regular taxes and benefits. The costs of service will include a monthly or annual fee as well as any hardware and software that are used.

Just as a phone answering service doesvirtual assistants will answer calls 24/7, field phone messages, and dispatch calls. 

Perfect For:

  • Doctors
  • Attorneys
  • Contractors
  • Small Business

Virtual assistants generally provide many different call answering services that are not included with an individual employee. One service that they can provide is the ability to track down people that have moved from one address to another. The service can be able for real estate agents to use this information in order to keep an archive of addresses that are currently available for rent or sale.  The most basic services will only require you to enter an address, name, and phone number. However, additional services may offer to supply you with the name and/or address of any individuals living at an address.

24 Hour Answering Service

Compassionate Virtual Agents Deliver Engaging Experiences

If you are a small business owner that is trying to hire a virtual assistant answering service, then you may want to consider a company that will allow you to set up an account online and have it connected to your business. There are a number of places that will offer this type of service. You will need to decide which service will work best for your business before you pay any money to any company. You will also want to look into any kind of insurance that they may offer. This will help to protect you if anything were to happen to your business during the duration of the contract.

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